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DN! Chomsky Blasts the “Torture” of Julian Assange and Biden’s Provocative Acts Against China

“it’s the same story as always, just like Glasgow. It’s those the voices in the street which can end this tragedy of the Assange torture and persecution, like everything else, like the civil rights movement, like the social democratic initiatives in the 1930s, the New Deal measures, like the antiwar movement, like the women’s movement, everything, always the same answer.”

Iran in the Crosshairs: ‘Stop the march to war’

Iran in the Crosshairs: ‘Stop the march to war’ Representative Keith Ellison spoke about the atmosphere of war in the U.S. Congress and about the pressure he is under to support war. He explained that anyone who proposes a sanctions bill gets a hearing and that everyone in Congress is pressured to vote for any […]

Seymour Hersh> Propaganda Used Ahead of Iraq War Now Being Reused Over Iran’s Nuke Program

November 21, 2011    Democracy Now While the United States, Britain and Canada are planning to announce a coordinated set of sanctions against Iran’s oil and petrochemical industry today, longtime investigative journalist Seymour Hersh questions the growing consensus on Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program. International pressure has been mounting on Iran since the U.N. International […]