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Chris Hedges, On Contact: The Uncivil War on Syria with Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton

Discussing the US role in the Syrian conflict.

Robert Parry | Another Dangerous Rush to Judgment in Syria

Exclusive: The U.S. government and the mainstream media rushed to judgment again, blaming the Syrian government for a new poison-gas attack and ignoring other possibilities, reports Robert Parry.

Chossudovsky: U.S. “Military Aid” to Al Qaeda, ISIS-Daesh: Pentagon Uses Illicit Arms Trafficking to Channel Enormous Shipments of Light Weapons into Syria

The US and its allies (including Turkey and Saudi Arabia) have relied on the illicit trade in light weaponry produced in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, China, etc. for delivery to rebel groups inside Syria, including ISIS-Daesh and Al Nusra.

Global Research: NATO Vows Biggest Buildup against Russia since Cold War

Van Auken: The NATO ministers, including US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, seized upon Moscow’s airstrikes in Syria against Islamist militias seeking the overthrow of the government of President Bashar al-Assad as the pretext for more aggressive deployments of military forces on Russia’s border.

Salon: The media will never quit warmongering: How a refugee crisis became another excuse for militarism

Mirkinson: It happens every time something bad starts brewing in the Middle East. Hawkish pundits immediately begin calling for more bombing and war to defeat whatever threat has popped up on the horizon.

▶ Video Panel: Syria What’s Ahead? Diplomacy or Military Escalation

Speakers include: Dr. Ghiass Moussa, Syrian American Forum; Ramsey Clark, former US Atty General & human rights attorney; Margaret Kimberly, Black Agenda Report; Larry Hamm, Peoples Organization for Progress; Joe Lombardo, UNAC; and Sara Flounders, IAC

Tomgram: David Vine, A Permanent Infrastructure for Permanent War

The Bases of War in the Middle East From Carter to the Islamic State, 35 Years of Building Bases and Sowing Disaster By David Vine   TomDispatch.com   November 13, 2014 An anti-war protest in 2010. (Photo: Fibonacci Blue/cc/flickr) Common Dreams Introduction by Nick Nurse  In a September address to the United Nations General Assembly, President Barack […]

Mary Beaudoin> Gas and Pipelines to the Eastern Mediterranean

…the discovery of huge reserves of natural gas and oil in the southeastern Mediterranean Sea. In 2010, the World Petroleum Resources Project of the U.S. Geological Survey was tasked with conducting an “Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources of the Levant Basin Province, Eastern Mediterranean.”[i] The area described is off the coast of ISRAEL, GAZA, Lebanon, […]

The Corbett Report: Mimi Al Laham (“Syrian Girl”) Breaks Down the Geneva II Syrian “Peace” Talks

Mimi Al Laham (aka “Syrian Girl”) joins us once again to discuss the latest round of Syrian peace negotiations in Geneva, Switzerland. We talk about what Syria hopes to accomplish with the talks, where we can expect negotiations to go from here, the chemical weapons disarmament issue, and questions about Al Qaeda’s relation to the […]

Mary Beaudoin> Syria: the Mediterranean Piece

What’s left out when the U.S. talks about Syria is that it is in a key position for exporting natural gas. Adding weapons to the region makes it explosive. by Mary Beaudoin   July 2013  Women Against Military Madness Newsletter We know that the Syrian people have suffered terribly from the violence that has erupted. […]

Why Obama is Declaring War on Syria

The End of Syria as We Know It? by FRANKLIN LAMB  WEEKEND EDITION JUNE 14-16, 2013  counterpunch.org Beirut. The short answer is Iran and Hezbollah according to Congressional sources. “The Syrian army’s victory at al-Qusayr was more than the administration could accept given that town’s strategic position in the region. Its capture by the Assad […]

Four on Syria> Truthdig, Mideast Shuffle, Women Speak Out Video on Insight, Steven Argue on Santa Cruz IMC

Syrian Rebels Reject Exiled Leadership   Truthdig.com Yara Abbas – In her own words  Mideast Shuffle. Interview with reporter in Syria, Yara Abbas SyrianGirl debates FSA on Australian show ‘Insight’ U.S. Backed Genocide of Christians, Alawites, and other Minorities in Syria  Santa Cruz IMC by Steven Argue Thursday May 30th, 2013 12:07 PM Subscribe or “Follow” us […]

William Boardman> Our Syrian War

Our Syrian War In deepening Syrian quagmire, U.S. seeks both allies and enemies By William Boardman  27 March 13  Reader Supported News Syrian rebels attend a training session conducted by US intelligence officers in Maaret Ikhwan, near Idlib, Syria. (photo: Muhammed Muheisen/AP) o Declaration of War Needed, Times Makes Official Announcement There were no official […]

Thomas Hedges> Access Skews Coverage of Syrian War

Access Skews Coverage of Syrian War By Thomas Hedges, Center for Study of Responsive Law Mar 8, 2013  truthdig.com The attacks are a reminder that the civil war in Syria is not a romantic democratic uprising, although one could get that impression from accounts in mainstream media outlets. That’s because American newspapers largely use photographs and quotations […]

Patrick Cockburn> Descent Into Holy War> Syria

What is Really Happening in Syria Descent Into Holy War “I have now been in Damascus for 10 days, and every day I am struck by the fact that the situation in areas of Syria I have visited is wholly different from the picture given to the world both by foreign leaders and by the […]

I have been asked to remove this interview of Assad of Syria. The reason is that it purportedly makes WAMM look like we support Assad. WAMM does not support Assad. WAMM also does not support the foreign “rebels” who are fighting in Syria. We are Women Against Military Madness. The interview was first posted by […]

Diana Johnstone> The Decline of Political Protest> Pussy Riot and Amnesty International

The Decline of Political Protest> Pussy Riot and Amnesty International  What is most notable about this attention, and the attention of the Western media in general, is its tone. The tone is by no means a diplomatic appeal intended to persuade authorities to free the women in question. Rather, it is a tone of provocation. by DIANA […]

Robert Fisk> Syria’s ‘Rebel Army? They’re a Gang of Foreigners’

Syria’s ‘Rebel Army? They’re a Gang of Foreigners’ Robert Fisk hears the Syrian forces’ justification for a battle that is tearing apart one of the world’s oldest cities. by Robert Fisk   Published on Thursday, August 23, 2012 by the Independent/UK via Common Dreams The Old Quarter of Aleppo is listed by Unesco as a World Heritage site. ALEPPO, Syria […]

Was the Houla Massacre a Manufactured Atrocity? Global Research & FAIR

Prime German Paper: Syrian Rebels Committed Houla Massacre Original link from Global Research     June 09, 2012 Links to two articles in German Press English translations from the articles: http://www.moonofalabama.org/2012/06/prime-german-paper-syrian-rebels-committed-houla-massacre.html http://www.moonofalabama.org/2012/06/new-faz-piece-on-houla-massacre-the-extermination.html The prime German daily, the center-right Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, has a new report (in German) about the Houla massacre. The author is Rainer Hermann who studied and […]

Polly Mann> Syria: The Next Move on the Chess Board

Polly Mann> Syria: The Next Move on the Chess Board  By Polly Mann     WAMM Newsletter      May 2012  Although it would seem unlikely that in international affairs the US government would operate with one set strategy, its behavior indicates it does. So while it might appear that the recent conflict in Libya […]