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Learning to Live in the Dark: Reading Arendt in the Time of Climate Change

Totalitarianism is. . . a system in which human beings, both as individuals and distinct groups, become surplus, unnecessary, and unwanted, cease to have any intrinsic value as human beings — are dehumanized.

VFP Chapter 27: Letter to MN Congresspeople re Golan Heights

” Be it Resolved that Veterans for Peace Chapter 27 call on its Minnesota Congressional Delegation to insist upon Israel’s withdrawal from the Golan Heights, and to introduce legislation for all U.S. aid to Israel be diverted to assisting Syrian refugees. …”

Coleen Rowley and Ray McGovern: the election, war, and information warfare

Victims of war deserve more help, not more war

Mnar Muhawesh: Migrant Crisis Fueled By Gas Pipelines

Muhawesh: Foreign meddling in Syria began from the onset of the revolt in March 2011. But even according to major media outlets like the BBC and the Associated Press, the demonstrations that supposedly swept Syria were comprised of only hundreds of people.

Women Under Siege: The missing women of the Mediterranean refugee crisis

From the article: For hundreds of thousands of women and girls envisioning a better, less violent life, the future is about as clear as a dark body of water lapping at the edge of a splintering wooden boat. Now that these women and girls have already made the treacherous crossing of the Mediterranean, it remains to be seen whether the land on which they have arrived—the land on which they have staked everything—will support them.

David Gross Captures Artistic Expressions of Syrian Refugee Children

 No one knows what the future holds for Syria or its children, so Gross feels that helping these kids process their emotions now is especially important. “It wasn’t like going on vacation in a strange place where you expect to be misunderstood, to have a few struggles and then to return to your own bed. […]

[Video] Syria 2013: New song by David Rovics

We don’t know who did it, but there has been a war crime So we’ll bomb an Arab country one more time Syria 2013 There’s an uncivil war in Syria, one hundred thousand dead Millions of refugees without a roof over their heads Proxy armies flowing in to a country open wide You got Al-Qaeda […]

Report on Syria – Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire: “The Syrian State is Under a Proxy War Led by Foreign Countries”

Report and Appeal to the International community to support a process of dialogue and reconciliation in Syria between its people and Syrian government and reject outside intervention and war. By Mairead Maguire  Global Research, May 27, 2013 Peace People 24 May 2013  Region: Middle East & North Africa  Theme: US NATO War Agenda  In-depth Report: SYRIA: NATO’S NEXT WAR? Mairead Maguire After a […]

Video> U.S. Led Insurgents Massacre Syrian Civilians