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Winona LaDuke: Line 3 opponents can savor this defeat

“Uncertainty about Line 3 caused by Indigenous people and water protectors encouraged massive divestment from the tar sands by non-Canadian investors. Everybody from Shell Oil to the Koch brothers bailed out. Last month, my alma mater, Harvard University, began divestment of fossil fuels. Harvard wouldn’t even divest from South Africa, those stubborn old dudes. This is, well, monumental.”

Minnesota Law Enforcement Shared intelligence on Protest Organizers with Pipeline Company, by Alleen Brown

“The email sent out ahead of the training included a series of “Incident Briefing Maps” laying out scenarios where Enbridge and law enforcement might need to coordinate a response. The various scenarios had something in common: They all involved protests.”

Video: Pray for Rain: 9/11, the last 10 years, with comments on hope and activism

From the editor:  I received this video from “Jimmy.” I know there will be many, many comments by the pundits about 9/11. But this video is by, Who? Just Jimmy, a guy out there who cares. It may not be as slick as some, but because it is by someone who is not famous (maybe […]