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Thomas Hedges> Access Skews Coverage of Syrian War

Access Skews Coverage of Syrian War By Thomas Hedges, Center for Study of Responsive Law Mar 8, 2013  truthdig.com The attacks are a reminder that the civil war in Syria is not a romantic democratic uprising, although one could get that impression from accounts in mainstream media outlets. That’s because American newspapers largely use photographs and quotations […]

Michael Chossudovsky> The US-Israeli Attack on Gaza

The US-Israeli Attack on Gaza “The United States is not “supporting” an Israeli military endeavor, it is major actor in the attack on Gaza. The US is therefore a perpetrator of war crimes together with Israel.” By Prof Michel Chossudovsky  Global Research, November 20, 2012 Region: Middle East & North Africa  Theme: US NATO War Agenda In-depth Report: PALESTINE The […]

Nicolas J.S. Davies> Armed Rebels and Middle-Eastern Power Plays: How the U.S. Is Helping to Kill Peace in Syria

Armed Rebels and Middle-Eastern Power Plays: How the U.S. Is Helping to Kill Peace in Syria “But one of the basic questions that historians will have to answer about the Arab Spring is this: why did revolutions against Western puppets in the Arab world remain mainly nonviolent, while those against independent governments turned into bloody […]

Deepak Triipathi> Drone Wars from Britain

Drone Wars from Britain by DEEPAK TRIPATHI  October 29, 2012  BeforeItsNews.com Now we know that not only did the United Kingdom already have drones, but more are coming to join the Royal Air Force for surveillance and combat operations in foreign lands. And, for the first time, they will be controlled from Britain. According to […]

Diana Johnstone> The Decline of Political Protest> Pussy Riot and Amnesty International

The Decline of Political Protest> Pussy Riot and Amnesty International  What is most notable about this attention, and the attention of the Western media in general, is its tone. The tone is by no means a diplomatic appeal intended to persuade authorities to free the women in question. Rather, it is a tone of provocation. by DIANA […]

The Irish Times> Media coverage of Syrian violence partial and untrue, says nun

Media coverage of Syrian violence partial and untrue, says nun PATSY McGARRY, Religious Affairs Correspondent The Irish Times – Monday, August 13, 2012 A NUN who has been superior at a Syrian monastery for the past 18 years has warned that media coverage of ongoing violence in that country has been “partial and untrue”. It is […]

Stephen Lendman> Unconscionable Media Warmongering

Unconscionable Media Warmongering By Stephen Lendman – Posted on 11 August 2012 warisacrime.org Washington needs media support to wage wars and plan new ones. Broadcast and print scoundrels oblige. Paid liars infest Western media. Managed news misinformation creates enemies. Fear is stoked. War is cheerled, glorified, and sanitized to suppress truths too grim to report.  Reasons for war […]

As’ad AbuKhalil> Syria: Shameful Performance of Western Media

Syria: Shameful Performance of Western Media By As’ad AbuKhalil – Mon, 2012-07-30 19:11- Angry Corner  Al Akhbar English The performance of the Western media (American, British, French and others) regarding the Syrian conflict has been quite shameful. One does not expect much from American media. Ill-informed foreign editors and correspondents and political cowardice turn American media […]

Land Destroyer Report> Two on Syria

US Prepares For Direct Intervention in Syria by Tony Cartalucci    Posted on July 22, 2012 Land Destroyer Report As FSA proxies fail and psychological operations falter, US prepares more direct (and desperate) approach for long-sought regime change. July 22, 2012 – As it becomes increasingly clear that last week’s “surge” by NATO-backed so-called “Free Syrian Army” terrorists […]

Richard Falk> The Massive Palestinian Hunger Strike

The Massive Palestinian Hunger Strike By Richard Falk     Thursday, 03 May 2012 10:10     MWC News Traveling below the Western Radar Can anyone doubt that if there were more than 1300 hunger strikers in any country in the world other than Palestine, the media in the West would be obsessed with the story? It would […]

Dr.Paul Craig Roberts> Silencing The Critics

Silencing The Critics The western media continually lies. On the rare instances when the lies are corrected, it is always long after the event and, therefore, the crimes enabled by the media have been accomplished. by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts    February 20, 2012    Global Research In 2010 the FBI invaded the homes of […]

Who do you believe? Video: Media manipulation and Libya

Editorial note:  This video is an excellent example about how the media can be manipulated to promote one viewpoint or another.  All our electronic sources can easily be manipulated faked or edited for slant or downright lies, as this video shows.  Not only the manipulation of videos, but the use of Twitter is especially sophisticated […]