Twin Cities Events and Actions


Click on the drop-down menu for organizations’ calendars.

Recommended: and click on calendar, or the Chapter 27 Facebook page.

Editor Sue Ann Martinson shares many local and national events on her personal Facebook page.


  1. Teri Bookless · · Reply

    Thank you for placing me on your email list. I live in St Paul, MN. Currently involved in the grassroots effort of building a chapter of Our Revolution, the Bernie Sanders inspired political action group. We our called the Greater Saint Paul chapter and encompass the geographical areas of Ramsey and Washington counties for membership. We also have a FB page and an email list that is growing. I would like to know of your political action and training events for posting in our local events section. Sincerely, Teri.

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  2. Gregory McDaniels · · Reply

    Are you aware of “Twin Cities Non-violent”
    -events occurring across the Twin Cities in the month of September?

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    1. I am aware and will be publicizing on Rise Up Times.

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  3. Mary Beaudoin · · Reply

    Rally against war with Russia March 19, Saturday uptown Minneapolis: Hennepin & Lake

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